Saturday, July 10, 2010


I am human. Which means that sometimes I just go through the motions and say the right thing. Sometimes I say it but don't feel it. Which is exactly why God reminded me 3 times yesterday. Let me explain. My Mom is very sick and my Dad was hurt very badly in a fall. Both have been in the hospital. I have been praying for them and asking everyone I can to also pray for them. Even after all the prayers I still felt alone. I told myself that it was all good, that I KNOW God is with them and with me, that God has a plan and I trust it. But saying it and feeling it were two different things. That changed yesterday. It was one of those summer days where the sun was shining, then cloudy, then sunny. It even rained a little bit. Three times yesterday I took my new puppy out for a potty break and saw the most amazing cloud formations. Huge, tall, billowy, beautiful clouds with the sun shining on them. The kind of images you find in professional photography magazines.
The first one I saw made me stop and stare. I thanked God for such a beautiful thing to see. The second one I saw later in the day I also stopped and stared. This time I thanked God for making something so beautiful AND for giving me the message that He is with me. The third time I nearly cried. Right then and there I knew God wanted me to see them.....wanted me to KNOW deep down that He was holding me, my Mom and my Dad in his hands. We are not far from him. He is hearing each and every prayer.....and He has control.
Praise God!!!